For almost 30 years, DESK has participated in a community-wide effort to deliver meals to people in need on Thanksgiving morning.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still limiting the scale of this annual program, we‘re determined to get at least 1,200 meals out to those in need this Thanksgiving.  And as usual, we’ll be providing extra Thanksgiving foods—including TURKEYS!—at our Wednesday Food Pantry on the day before the holiday.

Special welcome this year to our newest partner: Christopher Martins Restaurant!  For years, Christopher Martins has hosted an incredible Thanksgiving lunch, but with the ongoing public health crisis, they decided it would be more appropriate to do deliveries this year.  So they’re partnering up with Thanksgiving for All to prepare 300 meals!  When we look for the silver linings of this pandemic, we find them in these sorts of burgeoning partnerships.  Thank you, Christopher Martins!

Here’s how YOU can be part of our Thanksgiving:

Donate Your Time!
Email Ashley, our new and incredible Volunteer Coordinator, at and she’ll let you know how you can help in week leading up to and on Thanksgiving Day.

Donate Food!
Drop off items from our Thanksgiving Shopping List between 1:00 and 4:00 pm Sunday-Thursday through Sunday, November 21 (except turkeys, which should be dropped off only on Sunday, Nov. 14).

Donate Funds!
Your financial support will ensure that DESK can serve those who are in need on Thanksgiving Day and all year-round!  Show your support through a financial contribution and we’ll be able to purchase supplies, keep our van on the road, and ensure everyone is safe and protected during these difficult times.. Click here to donate RIGHT NOW and help us ensure that no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving!