My Own DESK Story, From the Executive Director

Linda Carbone Stories

Pictured above is a group of wonderful volunteers, my husband and myself.

In asking our guests their “story”, I am always one that wants to provide mine so they know a bit about me also – how I came to be a part of DESK. Working for Yale dining, I found myself being asked to volunteer one year at holiday time to serve a meal at a soup kitchen. I came to DESK and fell in love immediately. I volunteered weekly for two years until I had the unbelievable opportunity to become part of the staff. I have been with DESK for six years and it is such a piece of my heart and my soul. A couple of years ago I ended up with cancer. Pre-surgery I came to the dining room to tell my DESK “family” that I would be gone for a while. I received so much support, love and encouragement through my illness – I was back to serve them in less than a month. I do not speak as well as I did pre-surgery but through the encouragement of the DESK “family”, I continue to improve. Now every anniversary of my surgery my husband and I provide a celebration dinner at the soup kitchen. It is our small way of giving back to a community that gave so much to us at that time.

DESK provides so many services – but we can’t provide these services to our Franks and Debbies without donations. Food provides comfort to these guests. Many times this is the ONLY comfort these individuals have – DESK provides this to EVERYONE that comes through our door. BUT we need you to donate to us in The Great Give campaign to help us continue to provide those comforts. Everyone deserves the essentials of life – food and shelter. DESK provides one extremely valuable essential of life – help us continue to do so. Please donate to DESK in the GreatGive campaign.

Update May 9, 2015

Thanks to everyone who made The Great Give a super success this year. With your help, we were able to raise $3,825.00 plus we won a Golden Ticket prize of $500. Soon, we will find out how much we will receive in matching funds as well. In case you did not get a chance to give to DESK during The Great Give and are interested in making a contribution, you can do so by clicking here.