In Memory of Kevin Jiang

A Call to Action

This past winter, we lost our dear friend, Kevin Jiang.  This spring, we ask that you help us honor Kevin’s memory and the life he lived by following his example and taking an active role your community.

Please honor Kevin through at least one of the following actions:

  1. Help improve the lives of those who are most in need — people experiencing homelessness and living in poverty — by contributing to Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen via the form below.
  2. Join us virtually in a litter-clean-up on April 25 by cleaning up in your own neighborhood and posting your good work on social media with the hashtag #cleanupforkevin.

Kevin Jiang was no stranger to kindness, service, and gratitude. The lives Kevin touched in his 26 years are many, but his interactions were rooted in one important theme: helping the community.  Kevin was a U.S. Army Veteran and a member of the Army National Guard; most recently, he was called up to aid in COVID-19 relief efforts, and Kevin did not hesitate.

Kevin’s strong morals and beliefs emanated from his faith and as an active member of the Trinity Baptist Church. When remembering Kevin, his father, Mingchen Jiang said, “I realize now that Kevin himself is an angel. His mission to this world is to deliver love.”

Kevin’s mission as a graduate student at the Yale School of the Environment focused on improving conservation methods and how we might establish a better financial foundation for those improvements. His research centered around analyzing the efficiencies of litter traps placed in storm water drains around New Haven — right in the community in which he lived.  Please help us honor Kevin’s passions by heeding this call-to-service for our community and ecosystem.