Host a Drive!

Hosting a drive is a great way to get more people supporting our critical work for those most in need.  You can host a drive by collecting items at your home, school, place of business, house of worship, or social club.  As the point-person for the drive, you’ll be our ambassador in the community!  Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll draft up a flyer for you that can be shared electronically or printed and distributed.  Learn more about the types of items we need here.

Once your drive has ended, please email us at, or call Ashely at (475) 238-6170 to set up a time to deliver the donations to DESK.

Want some help drumming up support?  Consider hosting a Zoom happy hour or info session, and we’ll send a member of our staff or Board to tell your friends or coworkers more about how their donations will support those in need and answer any questions.  Email us at for more information.

  • For example: "Room 227" or "In the coatroom" or "Ray's Office" or "In the breakroom"