DESK reopens but has no dining hall for several weeks.

Linda Carbone Uncategorized

Presently there is restoration work being done on the Center Church Parish House, 311 Temple Street, where the DESK facilities are housed.

DESK can use its kitchen and pantry, but will not be able to use the dining hall for several weeks.  DESK is continuing to look for a space suitable for serving meals during this time. But we are committed to continuing food service despite this issue.

During this period “to-go” hot meals WILL be distributed to our guests nightly.  These meals will be passed out through an outside serving station.  There will be a change in the volunteer tasks and volunteers most likely will be performing these tasks outdoors.  Please dress according to the weather and be prepared to possibly experience part of your volunteer evening outdoors.

Thank you so much for continuing to help us feed our guests through this difficult time!!!