DESK experiences brutal summer; needs your help

Linda Carbone Uncategorized

August 2014

Dear Friends,

This summer for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) has been extremely challenging.  All of our programs are experiencing large increases and all of our funding resources have either decreased or have become nonexistent.

The costs of feeding 300+ people daily, including a daily bag lunch and a weekly pantry have all grown and DESK has had to draw upon savings to meet the increase in costs this summer.  We are in dire need of financial support or face cutting programs.

DESK has never in 30 years cut services.   I’m hoping that this letter appeal might raise the needed funds to get us through the end of the summer and into the fall.

DESK provides hot free daily meals at a cost of $2.00, bag lunches for $1.00 and food pantry bags for under $5.00.  To provide fresh produce weekly it costs $200.00.  Other food related costs can be up to $1,000.00 a month.  Overhead and personnel costs every month are over $10,000.00.  We have 3 paid staff and hundreds of volunteers.

We need your help.  DESK serves the community because we are supported by folks like you.  Without your help we cannot survive.

Please give what you can, but please give.  Please help us by donating today.

Thank you,

Diana M. Richter, PhD.

Executive Director

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

* You may send a check to: DESK, P.O. Box 1478, New Haven, CT  06506  or donate.