2015 Annual Appeal

Will Melton Donations

Dear Friends-

We are celebrating five years of my journey at DESK this year, and I, for one, am truly celebrating it! I have met so many people, from so many walks of life. I have heard countless stories, both sad and encouraging, and have made many, many friends over these five short years. Our kitchen isn’t just about getting hungry people fed; the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen nourishes people on both sides of the table.

Many of our guests may feel that they have been overlooked or forgotten by the world at large and we are all obligated to help them to feel their importance. Plus, as all of you who have had the pleasure of serving know, there is a bone deep bliss that comes with being in that room at that moment. Seeing the power of a freshly prepared meal served with a smile and a kind word can transform a person, both the giver and the receiver. Witnessing the joy on a small child’s face when presented with a cupcake they may have not been able to get if it weren’t for the soup kitchen, is just indescribable! And very few things compare to having a gentle old man say that he hasn’t had a meal so well prepared since his wife or mother was alive.

NONE of this would be possible without YOU. Without your kind and generous donations, we would not be able to operate at the level we currently operate. Without our dedicated and thoughtful volunteers, we would not be able to prepare and serve the amount of food it takes to provide for all of those who experience hunger in our community.

So thank you….thank you for helping us to help those who frequently feel helpless. We are trying to change the face of hunger, one meal at a time. Your support is greatly needed! What would you do, if you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from? What if one small donation made today, saved you and your family from hunger tomorrow? If there is one thing I have learned in my five years at The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, it is that, tomorrow is ever uncertain. One never knows what the sunrise may bring, but I certainly want to be part of the ripple of outpouring hope that should be our legacy. Thank you, for making food an inevitability, instead of a possibility, for our guests!

Keep us in your thoughts this holiday season and year round. Hunger doesn’t have a season….it is a day-to-day struggle for us all.

Linda L. Carbone