2014 Letter Appeal: Your donation has an Immediate impact

Linda Carbone Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

When you, a family member or loved one needs food assistance where would you turn?  If you’re like most in our community, you would come to The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK). Why? Because we are your local soup kitchen and food pantry in your community, not just a food bank, we are a small volunteer driven nonprofit agency procuring, storing, cooking and serving food daily.

The last 6 months have been the most challenging in DESK’s history. We are   serving nearly 300 a day and the need continues into 2015.  While the need has increased the funding and financial opportunities have decreased drastically or have become nonexistent, like municipal monies, which we no longer receive. In this uncertain economic time, DESK counts on your support – now more than ever.

Your contributions have helped make DESK the leading food assistance provider in greater New Haven community.  Thanks to you, our supporters, we have touched the lives of thousands for over 25 years– whether they faced an urgent food need, need food assistance or need food assistance on a daily basis. In 2014 we have surpassed record breaking numbers in all our programs serving over 133,333 evening meals, providing over 65,414 pantry food bags & 23,000 bag lunches. DESK is your community soup kitchen and pantry.  We exist to serve you and your loved ones every day.

Your gift is extremely important to DESK because it provides resources that make an immediate impact – that will help us through these challenging– and financially tough – times. Your generous gift can make all the difference.  DESK  is committed to providing free food assistance 7 days a week– for you, for your loved ones, for every person in our community.

If you give local you will help local!

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Diana M. Richter, Ph.D.
Executive Director